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Smiling takes less muscles than frowning.

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Healthy Dental Living in an artifical world

Green buildings are top earnersThere is a growing trend patients to just pick any Dentist. The five star award goes to the dentist that qualify in the top 25 percent in dental services. Your want the best in service and quality before you sign on the dotted line. This is why you want the best, in dental services, highest quality work when it comes to you teeth. It's your teeth and your body.


Soon, it may not be an option. You don't want to wait until it to late. Many companies want the best qualified employees that are well rounded and they clean, well dressed and look their best? Believe it or not, your looks in finding work, promotions and the job you want, can be adversely affected by having not having the smile you could have. It's a fact, your looks, your smile, may be the difference between success and failure between being promoted or losing that position you wanted. It's a fact, ask any job employment services.

Your Smile

Buy local to save energyYour day-to-day activities contribute more to your quaility of life than you realize. Apart from quality smile, you could be at a disadvantage, in life, work and relationships. The bottom line is you want to be your best. We can help you with your smile and give a program for a health smile. Dr. Chen has made a successfully business in family practice, and cosmetic dentistry. He has helped many people to have beatiful smiles So they can reach their potential.

Dental health help you in your overally health. Did you know, your teeth can affect your physical health, your heart and your attitude.


Could a romantic evening with candlelight, wine and a roaring fire, with your wife, husband or date end in failure because of bad smile.? When you open your mouth! Or, perhaps, you don't know that attraction starts with the face, eyes and smile. Do not neglect your teeth, and let Dr. Chen help your with your smile. Help with your dental hygiene? We all need to care for our smiles. Dr. Chen believes in service and keeping pace with the latest state of the art technology in dentisty.


Overlake Dentry pratices preventive dentisty. They teach patiences to take care of their teeth. Dr. Chen has had experience in family dentistry for over 20 years, and will make your visit as comfortable and pain free as possible. He experence in working with with children is invaluble.


That's why patients come back !


Dr. Chen is from Hong Kong, and speaks fluence Chinese. He treats every patient as an individual. That why patients come back when they want the best dental treatment in the Redmond and Bellevue area.